in forever...

The mixing and mastering of two songs Harbor Lights and Clever Is the Lie is finally finished. I have brought my friend Lindsay on board to contribute some art for the single. You can explore some of her art HERE

I'm starting to get ramped up...I'll try and keep this site updated when information becomes available....


this is happening

I spent the rent on a new guitar today. The landlord is not going to be happy. This is how some people feel about shoes....oh well. I think that my priorities are perfectly in sounds real nice.


The recording of drums at my house is not going well. My neighbor, it turns out, is a dick. The weekdays aren't really great for recording because my street is so busy...there's a pediatric office across the way and the the building over it is full of children, who (although they reside in NYC) need to be bussed to school. Horns a honking all the live long day. On the Shabbat (Saturday) things tend to be much quieter but this is the day my (said dick) neighbor has decided to make it his personal mission to keep the world silent. ...I don't know, maybe he has a good reason. But for now i'm just gonna go with the "he's a dick" theory. It just feels right.

foxcat displays his disapproval


Tomorrow i will record drums for a new song. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. Later in the week, my friend Jani Zubkovs will try taking some photographs for use on the site. i despise having my picture taken, so mood is vacillating between enthusiasm and...well, "some other shit."



it's a rolling rock and a fernet...if you're curious.

This was drawn by a stranger while hanging out at the Missouri lounge in Oakland sometime in 2004 i believe. He drew it and then sheepishly handed it to me. I think it's a nice likeness. we are...

i am not prolific. i have friends who are, and are also acutely talented. i wish that were the case with me...but i work so hard. it doesn't come easily...the creating of things. i am smack dab in the middle of the recording process right now. This could take a while. Please bear with me...